PiotrWorks is the studio of Piotr (PEE-ter) Woronkowicz, whose work spans products, packaging, furniture, and spatial interactive experiences. Piotrworks is an industrial design studio which specializes in translating a brand and it's identity through three dimensional forms and user experiences. With a keen understanding of culture, trends, as well as materials and manufacturing, Piotrworks is able to bring a project from an initial sketch to full implementation. Prior to establishing Piotrworks, Piotr was a senior designer at Frog Design, and on Paula Scher’s team at Pentagram. He continues to collaborate with both studios as well as various artists and designers including CDS / Jeffrey Bernett, Don Chadwick’s studio, Jorge Pardo, Red Paper Heart, and machinehistories. Piotr attended Art Center College of Design and graduated with Honors with a BS in Product Design. He works at his studio in Woodstock and New York City, and teaches product design at Pratt Institute.



Piotr teams up with designers and artists to provide each client with a team that suits their specific needs. We love to work on 3D projects large or small, simple or complex, custom one-of-kind pieces or mass produced objects. We can provide the complete industrial design process from sketches, CAD drawings, renderings, and physical prototypes to implementation. Or, we can step in to help with a few details. We love what we do and all the parts that come with it. Piotr works hard, he works with you, and it works well.


Feel free to get in touch for inquiries or collaborations: